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I’m With Stupid – March 31, 2017

by Todd Hartley

Before we get too far into this, I want to warn you all that what you are about to read may shock and offend you. At least, I hope it does. But if you have delicate sensibilities and want to bail out now, I won’t take it personally.

For the rest of you, I’m going to relate the tale of the happenstance that may well have shredded the last of my hope for humanity.

Here’s my routine most weeks when it comes to looking for something to write about, for no particular reason: First I go to the BBC News website and click on “Also in the News.” If I don’t find a compelling headline there, I move on to other websites’ “Odd News” pages. If that doesn’t work, I just make stuff up. Read the rest of this entry →


03 2017

Smokin' in the boy's crib

So have you seen the video of the Indonesian 2-year-old who supposedly smokes two packs of cigarettes a day? If you haven’t, you should check it out on YouTube, as nearly a million other viewers already have. It’s freaking hilarious, in a perverse “wow, that kid is going to die of lung cancer by the age of 4” kind of way.

What? Oh, so now I’m a horrible person because I think a smoking 2-year-old is comical? Whatever. I may be a horrible person, but that’s not why. I’ve never given a kid a cigarette, and I’m not one of the grown-ups in the video hanging around the kid’s house so I can shoot footage of him blowing smoke rings instead of taking the cigarettes away from him. I’m just a guy who knows funny when he sees it. Read the rest of this entry →


06 2010

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