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I’m With Stupid – October 17, 2014

by Todd Hartley

Todd Hartley-smallI’ve been back in Colorado for nearly two weeks now after my brief sojourn to Oahu, but I have to be honest: In my mind, I’m still in Hawaii. This has caused a bit of a problem with the time difference, as I’ve decided it gives me license to get up four hours later than normal, but the upside is that while you’re all shivering in the early-morning cold, I’m still in bed, dreaming of palm trees and perfect waves.

The best part is that in my dreams I can actually surf those waves without vomiting, which, as we discussed last week, is something I apparently can’t do in my waking life. Read the rest of this entry →


10 2014

I’m With Stupid – October 10, 2014

by Todd Hartley

Todd Hartley-smallI have little doubt that under different circumstances, I would have been a heck of a surfer. Admittedly, this would involve altering virtually every circumstance in my life — from my landlocked, mountainous hometown to my bald, sunburn-prone scalp and furry, well-insulated body — but you get the idea. I’ve always felt like I could shoot the curl or hang 10 or do whatever it is that surfers say they do when they do something cool.

Driven by that impulse, I’ve tried surfing on a number of occasions, generally in less-than-ideal conditions for a neophyte such as myself. Read the rest of this entry →


10 2014

I’m With Stupid – May 16, 2014

by Todd Hartley

Todd Hartley-smallI grew up in the East, so everything I know about Hawaii I learned from TV. Think Magnum, P.I.; Hawaii Five-0; The Brady Bunch: that kind of stuff.

Here’s what I thought I knew about America’s 50th state: There’s hula dancers, surfers and ukulele players, people eat poi and pigs at luaus, girls throw leis around your neck the moment you step off the plane, and if you have a moustache or a cool theme song, you can solve crimes and pick up bikini-clad girls there. Those were the ridiculous stereotypes burned into my head as a child. Read the rest of this entry →


05 2014

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